How Well Do You Know Charleston, SC?

How Well Do You Know Charleston, SC?

  • 01/27/23

We love a good trivia game, especially when it comes to our favorite city in the world… the Holy City! These are only a few capturing facts about Charleston. Visit to a local Library, or take a historic guided tour to learn more interesting facts about our historic city! 

  • Many of the ceilings of the piazzas on historic Charleston homes are painted a light blue,recognized as haint blue. Gullah Geechee descendants of enslaved African people thought the soft, blue-green paint would keep “haints,” or evil spirits, away.
  •  South Carolina Ports ranks in the top 10 busiest container ports in the nation. A record-breaking number of containers were moved at the Ports of Charleston during October, marking the third busiest month in port history.
  •  Lavinia Fisher, recognized as “the first female serial killer in the United States,” is said to haunt the Old City Jail where she and her husband were incarcerated.



  • The Holy City is home to the historic Dock Street Theatre, recognized as “America’s first theater.” This landmark was the first structure in the country constructed exclusively for theatrical performances.
  • Charleston is also home to America’s First Museum. Read up on the history of The Charleston Museum, established in 1773.
  • The co-inventor of Morse Code and the telegraph, Samuel Morse, spent time living and painting in Charleston between 1817-1821. Charleston adopted the telegraph not long after in 1848.
  • Originally known as Charles Town after King Charles II, the city was renamed Charleston in1783.
  • One of history’s most mysterious + eerie poets, Edgar Allan Poe, was stationed at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island between 1827-1828, where he enlisted under the name Edgar A. Perry. 

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